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Opinions on fretz bezel forming stakes

Hello Orchid

I would like some honest evaluations/opinions or reviews from
experienced stone setters and metalsmiths on the true value of
fretz’ Bezel Forming Stakes :

  1. potential buyer can fabricate any bezel for any stone without

  2. potential buyer can cast or mill own tooling when and if

  3. they look nice but have got various shapes of bezel mandrels that
    have been cut in two welded to stainless tool blanks and fit nicely
    in the bickram spot on the anvil - only thing i really want is a
    rounded corner trillion stake up to maybe 14mm at the largest usable
    point on a stake or mandrel most cut corner trillion s stones I use
    are in the 4-8mm range

  4. would have to spend 234 USD to 305 for a set of the stakes only
    (not the complete set with the accessories, hammers, etc.)

  5. how often do you actually use them?( presuming you set stones
    in approx. half of your workpieces

I use a Foredom Allset master setting kit as it is. I can mill with
it and set any stone in any fashion conceivable when i don’t feel
like constructing one from strip or casting a single setting. I can’t
really afford it, it would be a luxury entirely. . but want your
input as to how usefu it is to you.

thanks RER