Opinions on display

In a craft fair venue, when displaying a variety (12+ styles) of
earrings on a turning earring rack, is it better to group the styles
together in the different colors or is it best to mix the styles and
colors around the rack? What about grouping by price? Assuming the
public like the work, does one way generate more sales than another?

May thanks

As a buyer, my favorite display had 2 spinning racks. Each rack was a
different price, and on the racks similar styles were grouped
together. It made it so easy to find what I was looking for! Now I do
the same in my display, and customers seem very happy with it :slight_smile:


My two cents worth-

I believe in placing similar colors together. You get a much richer
visual that way. Different styles but the same color scheme.

Think of tulips or daffodils. They look best in a large clump
instead of one or two scattered around. Like a large blast of color.

Go ahead and mix the price ranges. That will give your customer a
nice option. If she can’t afford the sapphire earrings, she’ll go for
the Iolites.

Have fun and make and sell lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer