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Opinions on casting machines


Working with wax allows you to create unique models. Making wax
models can be easy and relaxing as compared to fabrication in metal.

The question in casting is how will you get your models cast into

My suggestion is to find some one in your area that will teach you
wax modeling and casting. You will be able to determine if wax
modeling is something you would want to follow and you will have the
ability to cast your first projects in class.

There are several casting business in the Orchid family that can
cast for you once you get started.

Doing your own casting requires learning the process and investing a
bunchof money in equipment. Remember, your best talent is creating
the models. Only you can create your art work. If you are very
productive you should not spend time casting you should create. Let
someone else do the casting.

If you Iike to get your hands into all stages of making a final
product then be all means invest in casting equipment and learn to

If you really want to cast than you might post a description of what
you would be creating and what degree of production you would be

That way the casting members on Orchid would be better able to
advise you on equipment needs.

I have posted a couple of wax working procedures on Orchids “Tips
From the Jewelers bench.” You might check them out.

Lee Epperson