[Opinion] Equipment Repairs

Hi All,

I want to relate a positive experience I recently had with jewelry
equipment repair. Perhaps it will be useful to others with similar

I’d purchased a used Therminder Mark III but discovered it needed
some work and parts. The manufacturer, Swest, is in a limbo state
right now (I hear they’ve been acquired by Stuller and are in
transition). So I did some research and sent it, along with a
battle-weary Foredom CC that needed new bearings, to The Jewelry
Equipment Doctor, John Cranor, 4830 Newstead Place, Colorado Springs,
CO 80906, Phone (719) 527-1523, FAX (719) 527-1534, Email
JohnCranor@aol.com. He seems capable of working on just about any
kind of equipment used in our industry. If you have a question, email

He responded to my emails and questions promptly. Upon receiving the
machinery he gave me a prompt repair estimate, helped me figure out
some operational problems, took care of the repairs promptly and IMO,
very reasonably. He even replaced the noisy and annoying
temperature-regulating relay in the Therminder with a silent
electronic circuit…happiness ;o). Best of all, he didn’t try to sell
me expensive replacements for perfectly serviceable equipment that
needed only a few minor repairs.

There may be others unknown to me who offer the same services and I
in no way mean to demean them. I just want to spread the word about
a pleasant, and for me essential, business service. If any of you use
John, please mention that I referred you. I just want him to know how
pleased I was with his work.

Rick Martin
Dr. E. Aspler
Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd
Webmaster Ganoksin Online