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Opals wanted

Hi! Does anyone know where I can buy boulder doublets or triplets
at a good price in quantity? I want to pay $4. or less a gram. I
was buying from a company in southern CA. but sometimes they charge
me by the carat and sometimes by the gram (at the same price! and
I’m tired of their inconsistancy) I would like to buy a sandwhich
bag full. Please e mail sue at and T hanks in
advance!!! I also am a member of a new metals guild in Sacramento
Area called WAM working artists in metal and our guildmembers are
interested in buying all kinds of stones too.

Check the internet for Bill Gangi in New York. I got some good
opals, backed and not backed (set them with something black behind
it) for supa-cheap. Plus hes a cool guy. Robb Mitchell

If you get an answer about a supplier of those . . .please let me
know too! I’m always in search of boulder (doublet, triplet) opals
a good price.