Opal project

I like seeing other people’s jewelry. especially pieces that feature
gems or pearls. Possibly jewelry that (mainly) showcases ‘gems’ is a
bit traditional in todays fashions of exotic metals and new materials
but precious metal, colored stone jewelry is what I like making best.
Hope to see posts describing various favorite gems with info on how
pieces were made.

My Opal Project: http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep80q8

Richard Paille

Richard- Wowzer! That’s a real beauty.

May I ask you how you managed to photograph the opal so well? I
never seem to be able to get opals to really pop in my photos. We
just have a standard white cloth photo booth with floods.

Jo Haemer


Thanks for your photography compliment but I can only take partial
credit. It was an outstanding stone that didn’t require very
‘skilled’ lightning. Dark body color helped the colors stand out. I
also use a Dedolight with focusing head to assist with background /
foreground separation or to add highlights to what I’m shooting.
This opal was lit using several, small directional lights to bring
out as many colors as I could, in the frontal view, that usually
require rotating a stone around to see all it’s fire.

Richard Paille

That is a great piece of heirloom jewelry. Everything about it is
appealingto the eye. Thanks for sharing.



I love the flow and lines of this beautiful piece! The opal is
wonderful! I have not worked with opal yet, but I have some to learn
with and some nicer specimens to create with and you have inspired
me to get busy!

Thank you for sharing your art!
Donna W
Huntsville, AL