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Opal cutting and polishing

Hi. Does anyone know of a book or site that discusses or teaches
cutting opal rough and polishing to use in jewelry. Thank you again
for your time and advice. Best, Victoria

Victoria, I have a small book (76 pages) that explains opal cutting
from beginning to finished product. Name of the book is: Opal
Cutting Made Easy by Paul B. Downing Published by MAJESTIC GEMS 7
CARVINGS, 3412 Monitor Lane, Tallahassee, Florida 32312. It was
copyrighted in 1984.

Whether you would still be able to get the book from the publisher
or not, I don’t know. You might possibly be able to get it from an
opal dealer, The House of Tibara, 7573 North Fancher, Clovis, CA
93612. I don’t have his phone number.

I hope this helps you…best wishes, Kelly


Check out Paul B. Downing’s two books Opal Cutting Made Easy and
Advanced Opal Cutting and Setting. Both are easily available and are
great books to learn opal cutting. That’s how I did it. Good luck!