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Onyx Slab


I recently had a onyx cab cut and was told by the cutter that he
was in need of a 10 to 12 mm slabs of black onyx and was having
trouble getting them. His last source was from Germany and got
disconnected through an untimely death. Any one out there have a
source for these heavy slabs?? Also looking for green onyx.
Thanks Frank


Frank: Try New Era Gems of 14923 Rattlesnake Rd., Grass Valley,
CA 95945 ph.#1-800-752-2057. I’m sure they have anything you
could want.

Steve Klepinger


Dear Frank, I use BC Onyx He treats all his own
onyx and will cut it to your specifications. His rock is
uniformly dyed and polishes readily.

Gerry Galarnau
Galarneaus Gems


Just taking the opportunity to ask if anyone knows a source for
BLUE onyx slab. I need a 15x20 slab to replace one lost from a
large finger-ring. I would appreciate any help with this.
Thank you J.Dule


Blue onyx could be hard to find. The process used to create it
is environmentally dangerous. I would try one of the German
stone manufactures or a company in the US that buys large
quantities of cabachons. Fire Mountain Gems and Griegers come
to mind.

Gerry Galarneau
Galarneau’s Gems"


Just as a reference, I just checked my Fire Mountain Gems
catalog (the 1999 Jewelry Maker’s Catalog), and according to it,
they don’t carry blue onyx. However, I suppose there is always
the possibility that they have some in their warehouse. You can
always call them and ask. 800-423-2319.

Hope it atleast helps a bit.

-Cortney Mayle in hot 'n humid Pittsburgh, PA