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Onyx Beaded Bracelet Stainless Steel Cable Termination Help?

I have designed a clasp for an onyx 10mm bead bracelet. I am using a 1mm stainless cable. What I am trying to figure out is how did these jewellers terminate their ends in such a tight setting and get such a nice finish without any slack in the bracelet?

Hope someone can shed some light on termination techniques.




…I do not know, but i have always been curious about this as well!

i cant wait to hear from others

i am going to make a guess here…

guess #1:
using a silk cord, not a cable…
maybe the bead cap has a loop inside…
maybe the last 3 beads have larger holes

…put cord through cap loop, then back thru 3 beads with bigger holes, knotting between each…

clip cord, and put glue into holes…

guess #2:
the bead cap has 1-2 posts that are glued into the last pearl, like a pearl ring…


Julie’s guesses sound spot on. If you are going to use cable, the only other thing I could suggest is to slip a crimp tube on in between beads closer towards the end, so you would loop the wire around the ring on the inside of the clasp (like Julie described) & feed it back through the tube. Crimp & then add a cover so it will look like an intentional design element.