[Online Exhibition] Composting Good and Evil

Ethical Metalsmiths announce that their second virtual exhibition,
Composting Good and Evil: Redesign for Sanctimonious Sinners is now
“live” on their website


A call for entries was posted last November on a number of websites
and list serves and sent to schools and metal arts organizations.
Artists were asked to consider how to reconcile the way we consume
the world’s resources, our “evil” habits, with our “good” intentions.
They were asked “to consider what would happen if we tossed our smug
habits into a heap? What would happen if we composted our shameless
sins, our saintly intentions and our fertile imaginations and pledged
to use the resulting fecund glory to redesign and nurture the world?”
Rethinking, redesigning, recycling and repurposing were encouraged.

Eighty nine artists responded. The resulting exhibition is a subtly
subversive and engaging visual essay about choosing change; it is
insightful, humorous, startling, ironic, challenging, beautiful,
puzzling, erotic, traditional, thoughtful, accomplished and “other.”
There was a digital screening and reception at the SNAG conference in
Savannah in addition to its showing on an outdoor digital billboard
in front of the building.

Ethical Metalsmiths was formed for the purpose of stimulating demand
for responsibly sourced materials as an investment in the future, and
stands for social responsibility, a healthy environment and materials
that are consistent with these values.