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One page consignment agreement

I’m looking for a simple (one page) consignment agreement/contract
for taking in customers’ jewelery. I found the one on ganoksin, but
it’s too long and I’d have to change too much to make it applicable.
Anyone have anything better? I’d appreciate it!


Here is a link to where I posted a couple examples of consignment
agreements in the past. One is the original (longer) version that I
got, and the other is the one-page version that I created from it.
You can either copy & paste the text right off the page, or download
a Word Perfect file.

I hope that helps.

Designs by Lisa Gallagher

Hi Pam, There are probably free versions out on the web somewhere,
but the one I use comes from a NOLO book called Your “Crafts
Business: A Legal Guide”. It shows a price of $26.99 on the back
cover, but I think I got it at Amazon for less, and it’s paid for
itself many times. I refer to it for many other things, but I use
the Consignment form regularly. It’s multiple pages, but all the
forms are included with the book on CD and they are easily amended.
For customers with whom I’m comfortable (i.e. know and trust), I’ve
pared it down to about a page … for others, I’ve used almost the
entire three pages. In case you’re interested, Table of Contents
headings are as follows: Business Forms: what’s right for your
crafts business; Your Workspace; Selling: Consignment, Sales, Shows
& Collections; Go Live: taking your business online; Employees and
Independent Contractors; Trademarks and Trade Dress; Design

Patents; Copyright; Licensing; Sales Representative Agreement;
Lawyers, Lawsuits & Liability; and Taxes. Appendixes include (A)
How to use the CD-ROM and (B) Tear-Out Forms (of all the forms
available on the CD) Probably more than you were looking for, but a
wonderful reference and resource to have on hand.