On Line CAD/CAM Service

I was glancing through the selection of calculators that I sent in an
earlier posting today and I came across the service noted below.
There has been a fair bit of interest in CAD/CAM in the forum and
this service sounds like it might be of interest to some of those
prowling this portion of cyber space. B Goodman Van. BC


  • Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory, U.C. Berkeley “CyberCutTM is a web
    based design-to-prototype service, allowing users to quickly design and
    manufacture prototypes for mechanical parts. A series of interactive web
    pages act as an on-line CAD tool linked to a ‘computer machinist,’ which
    restricts the user to the design of manufacturable parts. When the design is
    completed, the part specifications are sent directly to a computer controlled
    three axis milling machine, and fabrication can begin immediately.”

For more see CyberCut

or CyberCut Central

For more on this site/service, the address below is the result of
a search done on Google, the keyword was cybercut and there were 1,190 hits.