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Olympus c-3000z digital camera

Hello All: I just was given a c-3000 zoom camera and want very much
to figure out how to take pictures of my custom work with it. For
the last several years I have been using my 8mm sharp veiwcam video
camera and a device called “A-Igotcha” to capture the images on my
computer. The images I get are less than great but are better than
nothing. I have ordered the Macro lens for this camera and will be
receiving it soon. I was hoping someone out there has been using a
c3000z or similar and could give me a few pointers.
Thanks Michael R. Mathews Sr. Victoria,Texas USA


As a new digicam owner myself I searched for a digital photography
list to join. After looking at several I settled on a Yahoo group,
digital-photography. I have found the majority of the group members
to be very helpful. The membership ranges from novice to
professional, so someone there should be able to answer your

Gale Childers

Another web site to check out for digital photography is: I believe it was someone on Orchid who
mentioned this site before.