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Oltu stone


Dear all, We have a black stone in Erzurum area in Turkey. It is
called Oltu stone. Have you ever heard of it? I new about it ofcourse
but I have never worked with it. Recently, I had the opportunity to
cut some and loved it. I have put the pictures and a little
in my website; Click to mycountry and
there you will see two new items. One is Oltu stone, the other the
gemstones of Turkey. Second page is not completed yet. But you will
see there are a lot of gemstones in Turkey. Kind regards from Turkey,
Oya Borahan


Hi Oya, The Oltu stone is very interesting. Is there anyone in the
US who sells it? If not, how could we acquire it and what might it
cost (shipping, too)? Your jewelry and carvings are very beautiful!
Cheers, Beth


Thank you, Oya, for sharing the Oltu stone with us. Would this
perhaps be the same thing as the jet used in England? It was used
quite often for mourning jewelry during Queen Victoria’s reign in
England. Rose Alene McArthur