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Old skills vs new technology



ran out of my high tech rubberised sanding wheels. I use these to
clean up where the shank is soldered to the bezel and clean up the
bezel after all soldered together, and the shank pre polish.

Got out the sandpaper and sanding sticks, had not used sticks in
years. Thought OK this will take a bit longer.

No it was just as fast and did a better job. All that money I spent
on new high tech contraptions.

Back to what I was taught, hand made never touched a flexi at
jewellery school. We all had them in our workshops, but in school we
had to learn what the metal did. Teacher showed us how to use flexis
and then we were told keep your hands off mine and buy your own.

I know top quality jewellers who would not use the sanding wheels,
too easy to go wrong, I learnt that one.

Still I love my shofu points and my mandrels that take sand paper
for the flexi.

It is a fine balance between what we need and what tool sellers sell
us. Mind you HOJ has sold me over the last couple of decades some
really cool stuff.

Asked them once how come the parallel pliers in the catalogue are $50
cheaper than the ones I just bought.

You bought the top quality do you want the cheap hobby ones? No
thanks I said. Best extra $50 I ever spent, used them every bench day
for the last 5 years. As good as new, and years left in them.