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Old cufflink question


Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can help identify a stone that was
used in a 1940’s?? cufflink. A client brought over this old cufflink

  • it looked like brass with a milky white sort of opalescent stone
    in it. The client was sure this was an opal of the finest quality,
    and wanted the stone reset into a ring. But when I took the "stone"
    out there was a piece of copper foil underneath and under a loupe
    there were bubbles in it. Could this be some sort of period glass,
    like milk glass? I researched all over the internet but could not
    find anything similar. Any help will be much appreciated!

Mary Barker, IT Project Manager Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union
@mary_barker1 650-855-3392 M-Th 6:30 am - 2 pm Pacific time


Hi Mary, If you send a picture to Wolf Myrow Co. in
Proviaence R.I. They could probably confirm. It sounds a lot like
West German or Czech glass. These folks have delt with antique
glass and brass stampings for three generations. Hope this helps.


Dear Mary,

This could well be just a glass. It however could also be an opal
doublet or triplet.

A doublet consists of a layer of opal with a glass (or other
material) layer glued under that.

A triplet has a layer of opal between 2 layers of glass (or another

A good way to show this is to place the stone (with tweezers) in a
glass of water and viewing it from the side, that should reveal the
different layers to you.

It goes without saying that a doublet or opal triplet has little

Alain van Acker FGA