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Old book

Greetings all. I was cruising the stacks at the local college
library today and ran up on a title I would desperately like to own
for myself. The first run through the online book search companies
did not turn up anything. The book is by Max Metzger, title: Die
Kunstschlosseri, originally printed in 1927 (?), Reprinted in 1986
in Hannover, Germany (?). This book is about ornamental iron
working. The jewelry and Objet d’art possibilities are well worth
the effort to find this book. Any insights or help would be greatly

Also check out Greek Jewellery, five thousand years of tradition. at The pictures and
are worth the time spent there. All 173 pages! This
comes by way of Dr. Jack Ogden and the International Jewellery &
Precious Metal Network.


Try Artisan Ideas-- They have a number of his
books. Another possibility is Centaur Forge--
They have reduced the number of books they carry but they may still
have the one you want.


Hi Bill, There are three copies of this book for sale on, a kind of international union catalogue of second
hand booksellers. Two are for sale in Germany, and one in Denmark. I
think the correct spelling is Kunstschlosserei, to help you find
these. Good luck with your purchase. The link to the Greek jewellery
source is very interesting by the way - thanks. Eileen

Bill, the book is available in Germany at prices between 30 and 92
Euro plus shipping. The lowest price is listed by


Bill, try Centaur Forge. They are a blacksmithing supply co. and
have a number of ornamental iron books for sale.