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---Oil of wintergreen --- can't get rid of it, help, John B.!

John Burgess or ?:

I have one for you, slightly off topic, maybe. I tried some
synthetic methyl salicylate (oil of wintergreen) from off the
bench, where I use it on the burrs, to immerse a piece of facet
rough to look for flaws. Worked great on quartz, stone
disappeared! But I left the stone in a plastic graduated beaker
overnight with the dregs. In the AM I had some sticky dried
stuff in the bottom of the beaker. Couldn’t get it out with
alcohol, acetone dissolved it, but won’t carry it all away,
continues to leave a residue even after I swish and swish. Now
have some on the outside of the beaker, too. I thought this was
preferrable to cinnamon oil, nicer smell, no red welts where it
gets on skin, but now I see it is a nightmare to clean up.