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Offsubject & offline

G’day; some of you may remember that in February I went offline
for a little while whilst a licensed butcher-fellow chopped out
my right knee and replaced it with a thing of beauty and joy, and
metal and plastic. And I got charged heaps for the 'pleasure’
thereof. Well, it all works remarkably well - so well in fact
it’s going to happen again and the same bloke is going to do a
similar job on my left leg. But this time it’s not going to
cost me the price of a good car, but will come out of all those
taxes I paid in the past. And ain’t that loverly? You see, I
talked charmingly to The Lady Wot Keeps The Records with a story
that I ‘just happened to be mentioning…,’ etc. She told me I
had another 12 months to wait for the operation as I booked in
last November: hesitated, then; ‘But would you be prepared to go
into hospital at short notice if there was a cancellation?’ I
informed her that I would pack my bag as soon as I put the phone
down. Just 3 days later I got the ADMISSION LETTER ! So off I
go with my little bag in three days time. It all goes to show
that good comes to you if you are pure and honest and have a
funny face - and pester the right people…etc. Don’t it?
So, I will formally unsubscribe to Orchid just before then. But
I will be back! Sometime. You bet. Anyone for bone carving?

   / /    John Burgess, 
  / /
 / //\    @John_Burgess2
/ / \ \

/ (___)