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Hello to all my Orchid Friends!!

Friday I am going to have to go offline from Orchid for awhile.
I got a new and improved day job that will allow me to buy tons
of new toys for jewelry making (I am going to go work at VH-1 as
an art director)…I am in the middle of trying to buy a new home
computer so I can communicate with y’all from home… I am going
to miss my daily fix of Orchid!!! Tea time will not be the
same!! If anyone wants my snail mail address please email me ASAP
or I will leave my info with another Orchid member…

wishing you all the best while I’m away


wow, congrats! good luck on the new job, but come back as soon
as you can, this place is addictive… pat

Hi DeDe!

Hope your time away will be short!! I’ll miss reading your posts
=-) Congrats on the new job, sounds good, hope you’re happy there

Have fun with your new toys~~amazing isn’t it? A few years ago I
never would have beleived I could get so excited about tools!!!

Best of everything to you =-)


Sorry to see you go, DeDe! It was fun! Hope you return soon!

DeDe-- Please don’t leave us for to long! You will be missed!!
Congratulation on the new position!! Del