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Offline---And Kites, etc


Congrats on your new position, hope it works out well. I cut a
couple of kites on the spur of the moment (didn’t have much time
out) of what was sitting around one day. One was adventurine
(green) and one was some old chevron amethyst. Both turned out
to have fractures in them, but the amy, at least, will look Ok as
a stone when finished, at least for a sample. The polish wasn’t
right and I put them down to go on to something else and they are
still sitting there. I am going to finish up one this weekend
and I could send it to you so you could comment on the shape,
polish, size, etc. So SEND S-MAIL ADDRESS.

I looked at the Knoxville Show for black or green needles in
quartz,but didn’t see any. CJ sent me five pounds of slabs
assorted, but only one puny piece with rutile (gold) needles. I
can probably find more of this material if it would work. I will
look in Franklin this weekend for the other materials or the
rutile. I can probably get an address without having to buy the
stuff without hearing from you. I don’t have any idea what the
prices on this stuff would be. I would assume you can still get
it finished at or below what you mentioned as a price, $14-34 per

I am sorry this has taken so long, but my life is about like
yours. I think I mentioned before my buying land adventure. Add
to that a new lawsuit with my “X” and the need to look for a new
day job quick and you can see why the stones had to take a little
bit of a back seat. When I get your snail mail address I’ll send
a kite and maybe you could let me know what you would need and
how soon. Hope to hear from you.