[Offer] Free Brass Rings

K, here’s the deal-- Long, long ago when I had some time on my hands,
I decided to start a line of eternity rings. Being cheap (Ha!), I
made the models in brass, and a couple are copper. So, I made two
dozen rings, different sizes and widths, and marked all of them
around for drilling with an index plate. These are all different.
Then I lost track of the project and they’ve been banging around for
years now, and I have no use for them. They are soldered, though one
has a popped seam, rounded, filed and sanded all nice and neat, and
again they are marked for drilling all around, but not drilled. They
are thick, stout rings. I will send them to the first person in the
US who emails me and wants them, for nothing, just to get rid of them
and pass them on. That is, the first email that I read, and I will
give a bit of preference to student/novice/beginner stories if there
is more than one email. Either the above address or our website will
do it…