Off Topic - National Amber Plan

Howdy List, My club (Arlington Gem & Mineral Club - Texas) has been
asked to assist in locating a large piece of amber to be used to
commemorate the creation of the national Amber Plan. It is named
after a child (Amber hagerman) abducted and killed in this area.
It’s intention is to quickly alert the populace when a child is
kidnapped. Most of you probably know this. I believ the piece will
be carved but really have no other details at this time. Any info.
will be passed along to folks nearer the ‘top’. It’s just that they
know I lurk on the net a lot. tia Carl 1 Lucky Texan

For amber contact Lorraine Ewing at the Fossil Connection

	HCR 1 box 5259
	Keaau, HI 96749

very nice lady. I met her and arranged for her to do a presentation
to the Houston Metals Arts Guild this past year. She had some very
good specimens and sells to Museums all over the US and Europe. If
she doesn’t have what you want she probably knows where to get it.
Tell her I sent you. Frank Goss