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I do jewelry as a hobby but do computer support for a living so I will
address this one.
Viruses - Viruses can be transferred as easily as the common cold.
Anyone that does not scan thier system on a regular basis (once a
month to once a night) is asking for trouble. Anyone can get a simple
shareware virus scanning problem from and I
would recommend that they do so. Now what Jeffrey is talking about is
a type of macro that copies itself onto all of your documents. It is
technically a virus but it cannot affect anything other than your
documents. Getting rid of that virus is only as important as your
documents are to you.
As always viruses are an evil that only constant vigilance can protect
you from.

Sean Ellwood, Applications Engineer

The opinions expressed above are my own and not necessairly USR’s.

Just want to clarify something. The reason I wrote this is because some of
these viruses can damage more than just your document. If you look at
Norton’s or McAfee’s virus library you will see the listing of macro
viruses and payloads. Some can erase files and reformat hard drives. This
has already happened at the university here. Check the following url

You’ll see one macro virus(trojan horse) that when executed can reformat
your drive.


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Yes and the documents have to be MS WORD documents I beleve.
. . So, don’t use WORD… A good idea anyway!!!

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