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Odd stock of burs

Hi all b"h About 5 years ago, a tool supplier here in Toronto were
trying to unload some stock of some extremely large size of round and
bud burs…I thought “well I could use this pack…oh heck, I’ll take
the whole bunch of them”…Now these burs have been sitting around my
bench till today.

Just when I needed some really difficult sizes…and here there
are…moral of this= If you see some odd sizes being unloaded at
prices from any tool supplier…get a decent discount for your
transaction, invest in the whole bunch…Because one day in the
future, you’re gonna be needing them and your investment will well
worth the money…Gerry Lewy!..:slight_smile:

Yep, done that a few times, some with a sooner pay-off than others,
the one that still hasn’t which has left me with a helium-compressor
unit, and ~15Kgs of liquid “five nines” helium…

Some care to be taken for sure, just like crossing a road!

Cheers, Thomas Janstrom.
Little Gems.