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Obtaining an Identifying Mark or Hallmark Stamp


My son is a silversmith who does custom work. I would like for him
to be able to stamp his work with some identifying mark, about the
same size as a gold carat or sterling silver mark (1/16 - 1/8 inch).
I have a specific unique design in mind, but am open to "stock"

I have looked at a number of jeweler tool websites, but I have not
been able to find something like this. The standard design stamping
tools seem to me to be too large in the face. How do I go about
finding someone who can produce something like this to be made as a

Please reply with necessary contact about any suppliers
of which you are aware, and any details and approximate cost if
known. You can contact me either via return e-mail, or fax on

Peter Balint


Microstamp has some of the best custom stamps in the business. And
they are easy to work with. Send them your design and they will
quote you a price.



Hello Peter, If you want to have a nice stamp made, try Sparks
Stamps, they are the one who made my stamp. ( a small leaf of my own

I created the artwork in Adobe Illustrator, and then emailed it to
them. A few weeks and $80 later, presto! Steel stamp. Be sure to get
the gooseneck style stamp used for rings, as it can also be used for
regular stuff, but is necessary for the inside of rings. They were
recommended to me by Daniel Grandi at Racecar Casting.

I spoke to Irwin, via email at and phone at (718)

Good luck!
Andrew Horn
The Master’s Jewel


Hi Peter, Try They can do about any design at
any size. I think a custom stamp the size you state would run you
about $75.00. Which suddenly sounds expensive … but, like most
good tools, they last forever. Karin


Does any one know of a makers mark of a map of main land Australia?
I bought a ring second hand a while ago and it has this stamp on the
shank with the usual 9ct stamp. The ring has the words NEVER APART
(one work on each side of the ring) as aprt of the side or shoulder
of the shank, and has two heart facing each other or cheek to cheek.
I am trying to work out how old the ring might be or a bit of its
histroy but have had no luck so far … This might be more targeted
to Australian and New Zealand folk but well you never can tell where
such will come from. Hope to hear soon Saffyr


Hi Peter, Here is one to try:

Rio Grande supplies this service. They have a web page, but you will
have to provide them with the artwork & particulars before they will
give you a price.

Glenn Cramond


Try or call 1-800-659-3835. A three initial
stamp costs $30.00 or you can have any design made that you wish.
There is also a complete line of tools, findings and metals.