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Obscure & marvelous costume jewelry designer

Hi folks, following up on the costume jewelry thread, I am wondering
if anyone has about a designer of commercial costume
jewelry who signed art deco-style pieces as “Nuri.” Several months
ago I spotted an incredible piece of art deco-era jewelry (or so it
seemed from the photograph) for sale in England on eBay. The brooch
was more deco than art deco, an absolutely gorgeous design. I
followed the bidding and was heartbroken when it went way beyond my
price range.

A few weeks later, the brooch suddenly appeared on eBay again.
Apparently the winning bidder had not paid. This time around I
managed to snag it for around $30, although I did have to get up at
3:30 in the morning to post my final sniping bid. When I received
the brooch it was pretty clear that it was no more than 20 years old
or so. However, it was so gorgeous I wasn’t in the least disposed
to complain. When I wore it out to dinner with friends a couple of
months ago, it elicited gasps of admiration and envy.

Recently, another seller has turned up on eBay with close to a dozen
pieces of jewelry from this same designer. I’ve written to her and,
while she’s had them for at least 20 years in her collection, she
has no about the designer. At this point she is as
curious as I am about who the heck “Nuri” is and whether he or she
is still designing jewelry. Does anybody have any about