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O2 and NG concentrators

I am thinking about running my Meco on O2 and NG concentrators. I am
interested in the experience of others and recommendations of what
to buy. Thanks. Rob

Rob Meixner

I highly recommend gas tec natural gas boosters. I have a tb30 which
is a little overkill but I wanted to make sure I had enough power. I
have seen a tb30 cut inch and a half steel plate with a cutting tip.

Their customer service is second to none. And they have will know
which unit to use with your torch.


Thanks! What do you know about O2 concentrators?. Rob

Rob Meixner

The ones made for people have a max of 6 liters of O2 per minute.
They makethem now especially for propane torches, mostly used for
glassmakers and can deliver superlarge amounts of O2. You can check

Rob - I’ve been using the G-tec natural gas concentrator for 5 or 6

Prior to that I used ng at residential pressure with a Meco Midget
and ventilated tips. The G-tec booster is fabulous. I have the bottom
of the line of their fine machines. I found it noisy until we
installed it below the soldering bench. It was just the fan, but it
bugged me. Now I have to remember to turn it off.

I tried one of the modified oxygen concentrators and it was a flop -
simply not enough volume to match the wonderful G-tec. I know nothing
about the more recent high volume machines.

Along with the G-tec, look at Paige tools
( )
for their ventilated tips. They make a world of difference for the
Meco, Hoke and the little torch. Especially working with silver and
larger pieces.

Would you please keep us advised on your research into the newer oxy

Judy Hoch

Thank you to everyone who has said kind words about G-TEC Natural
Gas Systems and our TB-30 Torch Boosters. If you would like to know
more please watch our most recent video on YouTube here:

specifically aimed at dental labs that do casting with a torch and
broken arm centrifuge, their process is identical to what jewelers
do. It is a good overview and you can see how quickly high pressure
natural gas can melt a bronze nugget.

The production is a little clearer and better quality than some of
our videos so please take a look.

G-TEC will also be showing the TB-30 at MJSA - I’ll be in the
Gesswein exhibit and hope you can stop by if you will be in NYC.

Ed Howard