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[NYC] Advanced bezel workshop


Several people have contacted me regarding the workshop that I am
teaching at MetalKitchen in NYC, so I thought I’d post the info here
and save everyone some time.

This workshop is for those who have been working with bezels for a
while, and would like to know how to do it better. We will start with
a simple tube setting, and will set a faceted stone. Then we will set
a cabochon stone in a thin walled bezel. Both very simple projects,
yet I’ve seen these poorly executed so many times. Once we dispense
with these, we’ll construct and set heavy walled bezels, square,
triangular, and baguette bezels, tapered bezels, and bezels for
irregular stones. We will discuss and practice several alternative
ways to set various types of stones, and explore ways to develop your
own “style” in setting.

This is not a workshop for beginners. Unless you are somewhat
familiar with fabrication and setting, you will not be able to
complete all the projects. This will be a LOT of in only
five days.

Yes, you can bring your own stones. If they can be bezel set, I’ll
show you several ways to set them. Yes, you can work in gold, or
platinum, if you wish. I’ll be working in silver, and silver will be
available. Stones will be available, too, and you can always shop
for more in NYC if you get inspired.

The workshop will be offered from Wed. April 5 thru Sun. April 9.
Contact Whitney Abrams at MetalKitchen: 212 334-9394 or e-mail at You can reach me at I’m
hard to reach by phone these days. I will be contacting everyone that
is registered for this class prior to discuss the tool list. I want
to be sure that everyone is prepared and, if you don’t have a
particular tool, you can still get one or I’ll bring one for you to

I will be teaching other workshops this summer. Not many, though.
E-mail me for info if you’re interested.

Doug Zaruba