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[NY][Workshop] Chasing and Repoussee

For all of you Orchidites in and around the New York area.

If anyone desires to add to his or her decorative skills with a
disipline rarely taught anymore,namely:Chasing and Repousse. I
can highly recommend attending workshops given by a Master of
classical European Training of this almost lost art.

The name of this skilled craftsman is Valentin Yutkov, e-mail- tele.# 718 858-7750. I learned that he is giving
a short workshop on Jan 16th in which there is one or two
openings remaining, but also again in Feb.

I can highly recommend this introduction to that Art-form and if
interested,call or e-mail Valentin directly. Joe

Oopps! I goofed: The correct E-mail Address for Valentin
Yotkov is Sorry Joe Dule