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[NY] Worker needed short term

i make wood jewelry and have to complete 20 cuff bracelets by next
fri, ten of them by tues., i live in lk. hopatcong, morris county
nj and need someone who can sand wood by hand, spindle sander,
sand-o-flex, down to a very clean 320, very clean, they are very
simple and flat surface, 2 halves per bracelet, but the person must
be very detailed, need the edges broken just right, sand from
60-320, to ready for clearcoat on tues morn. hopefully, very dusty
and a hump job for sure, i just got this order from a fashion house
in manhattan that i freelance for and she needs them- 10 by tues, ten
more by thurs for a fashion show, and obviously she is one of these
designers that thinks gold can be made from wood in 1 night-
absurd, i live 45 minutes from manhattan out here in the sticks, a
partial vacation spot on the largest lake in jersey, actually need
someone all day sunday, optimally, mon. too, etc, will pay 15hr if
one thinks that they can do it and needs the cash, but it is
something that requires experience, hand and arm strength, and a
killer eye, my ph. 973 288 1454, name david