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Nuggetwatches, etc

What’s the big deal about a white gold nugget watch case/brac?
All one needs to do is get a wax patt and cast in white. The
case may present a bit of a challenge, but with a little
creativity, that, too can be overcome. Should be no big deal,
especially for a “teacher” of the craft. Wax patterns are out
there for practically everything that has been on the open
market for a while. I’d be happy to handle the job. For a
reasonable price, too, I might add. No “smoke and mirrors”. I
would need the case to be sure of a proper fit, but I have no
problem with custom work. That’s what I have been doing for the
past 25 years.

Muriatic acid - I have no problem with calling it the same name
construction people have been using for DECADES. If you go to a
supplier and ask for hydrochloric acid, he would probably assume
you want full strength acid. However, muriatic acid is only about
20% hydrochloric acid. The rest is water. Probably why the
different name - TO DIFFERENTIATE THE TWO. I don’t really think
you would want to use full strength hydrochloric,anyway. Quite
dangerous. Look on the ingredient list for bleach, and HIL-OX
oxidizing fluid. Both contain hydrochloric acid. Different
concentrations, probably, but there just the same. Probably the
main ingredient. Want them to change their names, too? Get

Thought for the day: Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. The
wheel is round for a reason. And it works just fine, so just use

Keep your eyes and ears open, learn what is available and use it
to suit your needs and stop making things more difficult than
they already are. There are lots of roses out there, so just
stop and smell em once in a while instead of trying to fight
windmills. I have probably just dated myself, but many of you
should relate.

Like, wow, man.