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NSK micro motor- four to one gear reduction

Happy New Year All-
I’m going to purchase an NSK EMax Evolution micromotor and am considering the handpeice with the 4-1 gear reduction. I would like to use this for all burr work, drilling and polishing.I have a portable Foredom micro motor and while its good for some things, it just does not have enough torque at low speeds and is useless for drilling and polishing which I do with a flex shaft. I also use the flex shaft with a hammer hand-piece and will continue with that.

I generally use a pretty low speed for most of the burr applications and this is why I’m thinking of the 4-1 gear reduction. I know that the top end torque will be the same for both regular or gear reduced hand-pieces, but wondering about the impact of the lower top speeds? I’m guessing that this might effect polishing more than burr or drilling? Can anyone recommend one over the other?


I have used one for the last several years, and it’s my go to handpiece! I use it for all my diamond setting.

Thanks Gary-- 4-1 gear reduction ?

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In case anyone else ever queries this, I’ll share my $.02 :slight_smile:

I’ve been using this micro motor for several days on a couple of projects. I love it and compared to the Foredom portable micro motor, I can only say that sometimes you get what you pay for. When I first asked about this, I didn’t realize the 4-1 reduction gear was just an add-on/take-off part. I’ve used it equally with and without the reduction gear and I’ll probably just leave it on as the extra torque seems to make up for the lower rpms. Its probably a 2 minute job to put on or take off so I’m happy to have the option. The only disadvantage is the reduction gear adds weight and about 2" of length to the hand-piece.

I’m not sure why, exactly, but my percentage of successful flush set stones has gone way up with this.

I have a question regarding the NSK hand pieces.
How do lever vs ring compare?
Lever may seem tempting as a quick change (one hand?), but will the lever be in the way in intricate movements/patterns?
The ring type do seem slimmer and more secure.
Can anyone give me some pros and cons please.
Regards Per-Ove

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Have anyone tried the NSK Espert 500?
It have high torque and can have the 4:1 gear.
10000 - 50 000 rpm.
Ring or lever, standard or high torque.
Expensive but cheaper than Badeco.

I discovered a mistake.
1000 to 50 000 of course.
Or 250- 12 500 with reduction.

My NSK is ring type, my foredom flex shaft is lever. I prefer the ring type but I can not say why, perhaps it is that satisfying click sound :slight_smile:

The lever itself does not pose problems?
Unintended release under awkward positions or similar.
I’m not used to such tiny tools, so I’m trying to imagine possible pros and cons before I spend money on one.
I’m a tool geek, so I may easily spend more than I should, for something of quality.

Is it better to spend a few bucks one something cheap to get a reference?
Even though, critical “run aways” may be more likely with low torque cheap stuff.