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November Cover Lapidary Journal

If you find the November issue of Lapidary Journal, my business
partner, Jennifer Bowie (and excellent friend) made the cover. Inside
is a huge article about Silver with much of our work featured.
Suzanne Wade did a fabulous job of writing about us, Metalwerx and why
we do what we do. Thank you Suzanne!

If you remember, I visited the Hawaiian Islands last May, with a
great side trip hosted by Cynthia Wiig. It was an honor to meet her
and other Orchidians. She is also featured in the article with her
lovely silver work.

Ok, so I am tooting my horn here, but really, we are incredible


Hi Karen and all -

Well now I know it is out - haven’t seen it yet - and am looking
forward to seeing the cover, Karen! The magazine will probably take a
few extra days to reach the middle of the ocean here . . . I am
extremely curious now to see the results! :slight_smile:

And just when I was making a gallant effort to be a minimalist with
words . . . you all must forgive me . . . here goes . . . I must share
some thoughts!

It is very fun to share the article with Karen Christians and her
partner, Jennifer Bowie, and I wonder who else is participating in the
article? If you can make it to her school - Metalwerx - I’m sure it
will be a wonderful educational experience. Karen is a very dynamic
and giving individual. I am amazed at what she has been able to
accomplish - and remember when she mentioned on Orchid about finding
the building for their school a few short years ago. A well deserved
congratulations to Karen and Jennifer for their hard work and
successful venture!

On her visit to Honolulu, though, Donna Shimazu was another major
host - not just myself! We had a great time hosting Karen and
bringing together a “first” modest Orchid member dinner at a Thai
restaurant (in honor of Orchid’s home base in Thailand!)

My horn tooting and thanks goes directly to Hanuman for creating this
opportunity of communication with fellow jewelers and professionals
through Orchid! In being someone who does not get to travel very
often, this forum presented the networking interaction that brought
this opportunity into my life.

Suzanne Wade has occasionally presented very thoughtful questions to
us on Orchid. A big thank you to Suzanne Wade and her amazing ability
to make cohesive sense out of the presented during the
interview process! Her article in the Sept. issue of LJ -“Business
and Babies” was an excellent compilation of on the
complexities this topic and she included Orchid members - Larry
Seiger, Katherine Palochak, Lisa Pilchard (who mentions Orchid in the
interview) and several others.

As a result of participating in Suzanne’s current LJ interview on
working in silver, I accepted the challenge to write a Jewelry Journal
article for the same (Nov '00) issue. Katherine Polachak - a fellow
Orchid participant - who has written excellent JJ articles for LJ gave
me encouragement behind the scenes that pushed me over the edge to
give it a try. Thank you to Katherine as well!

LJ does a great job and their staff was very supportive. For those
of you working with photography - when I emailed the “how to” images
that my husband had taken with our spiffy new Olympus c3000z camera
(that I quickly had researched and purchased) - I thought emailing
images was the"norm"! Oh well, little did I know that it is still the
"wave of the future". But all went well, and I can hardly wait to see
how they worked out. Just the push of a button - soo amazing! (The
professional photographer that took the images of my work that I
provided for the article laughed when I told him i had emailed his
photos to LJ . . . he had to convince me to take digital images of my
work instead of slides - and he said most people still send digitals
on disc or cd format - not by email. (The resolution was pretty high

  • but it worked out fine.)

. . . I always have had great admiration for contemporary jewelers.
like Alan Revere, Tim McCreight and Charles Lewton-Brain, who have
dedicated themselves to writing/documenting comprehensive volumes of

  • with wonderful visuals in support of the text. Andy
    Cooperman did a great job recently in his JJ article on Shibuichi
    technique. It is truly a time consuming labor of love! I don’t know
    where these individuals find all the hours in their days?

Again, a big “mahalo” (thank you) to Orchid and the support of the
Orchid community. It has been a very humbling experience to write
cohesive, technical in an understandable, readable text
format - and hopefully, my efforts were okay. This year has been very
expansive and my only description for it is “definitely different” . .
. so, back to metal and the safe haven of working with our tools!

Aloha, Cynthia (attempting, now, to wait patiently for the arrival of
the magazine . . . !)

“Wow” is the only word I can come up with to describe it - no wonder
you had to toot the horn Karen - the cover is great! We have some
"top notch" professional photographers to thank for “showing off” our
work. I love LJ’s handling of the photography for the three ginkgos
in the JJ that I wrote. Wow again! You all will have to pick me up
off the floor! :slight_smile: What can I say . . . it is such a gift to
participate in such a wonderful article with great participants and to
be in such a lovely issue of LJ! And I am officially humbled to have
Heikki Seppa’s participation in the same issue - it would be great to
study with him one day. Wasn’t able to make it to Alan Revere’s
Masters Symposium earlier this year - when he brought Michael Good for
the anti-clastic raising.

Congratulations Amy for your Oct issue - loved your anecdote.

And again, thank you Hanuman - wouldn’t have happened without your
dedicated efforts to run this forum. . . . so, who’s next?!

Aloha, Cynthia