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Note of gratitude

In light of the recent discussions I wanted to post a quick note to
express my gratitude and perhaps inspire others, but most of all, to
show my appreciation for what I’ve learned from others willing to
share their advice and knowledge. I would like to name people but
it’s too many to list and I fear I would forgot one or two since so
many have helped over the last few years I’ve been asking questions.
I have even recently received an unofficial mentor who has written
lengthy emails detailing the business side of how to sell jewelry
since I am just starting out.

I’m just amazed at what is being offered to an open mind here and
what I have learned in just a few short years.

I’ll end this with the great quotes that I try to think about as I
make jewelry in my humble garage where a single rolling mill, a
torch, and a hand built European style jewelry bench have become my
weekend friends from which a single or sometimes a pair of items are
now making their way to art art gallery in Juneau, Alaska… none of
which would have been possible without the sharing of knowledge

"Tomorrow morning when you wake up ask yourself “have I earned the
favors of Hephaestus?” then again “have I earned the favors of the
muses?”. Work on the question you answer with a “no”.

You’ll make yourself a favor and you’ll make amazing pieces in the
process. "

Simone Cervellati

And my new quote I love:

"I have learned that you gain the
most from you critics, not from your admirers. "

Gene Stirm

love this place,
And thank you to my mentor,

You’ve put into words the same feelings I have about this place, and
I’m so happy you did! Thank you for sharing.