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Not receiving daily Orchid



Could someone at administration please help me find out why I am no longer receiving my Daily Orchid Digests?

Janet in Jerusalem


HI @janetb - that is very odd… @leah-ganoksin-admin, can you take a peak?


I also have not received the digest since around Dec 26th or so. I went through my spam folder just to check and none were in there. And I just checked my settings here and they look OK. @leah-ganoksin-admin, can you peek at mine too?


Hi Everyone. Yes, there’s some sort of temporary issue with the daily summary emails. Many apologies. We are working on it and hope to have it fixed asap.


Hello Leah,

Only for your awareness, I too am not receiving my daily digests and would appreciate being included in whatever fix you are able to come up with. Many thanks for looking into this issue. Bob.


Leah, FYI, I haven’t received the emails since about 12/21 or so either. Maybe a site-wide correction needs to happen.


There is a problem at the web host level with just the daily digest email it seems… we are working to fix it as I write this :slight_smile: apologies for the bug, we are not yet sure what the cause was.


I started receiving the email Digest again…:-)…

It’s a different format now from what I was getting before. Maybe now I will be able to see the photos…!?! There didn’t seem to be any in today’s posts (?). Now I am not getting the names of the posters:


hi @janetb. @leah-ganoksin-admin and the Discourse host are still working on this… there is some issue with daily digest that we are still trying to diagnose. We will keep everyone posted and expect to have it resolved shortly.


hi Seth, I started receiving the Digest today. So happy to be back on board.


Thanks to whoever got the daily Orchid digest up and running again. Have had some distracting issues at home, so only recently realized that the digest had not come for several days. So glad it’s back!!
Judy in Kansas


Hi everyone. It should be fixed now! Glad to hear they are coming again. Thanks for your patience everyone.


Looks like some people’s daily digest email got skipped again. :frowning: We’re digging into the problem again and hope to have a real solution soon.