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Northern New Mexico Orchidians


Lee -

Sounds good - we should have a local Orchidians get together. I only
know of one other Orchid person around here - Marilynn Nicolson in
Taos, but perhaps there are more - all the better. How about after
the Holidays?

Anyone else from around here?



You might find that there is several people in the state of New
Mexico whom have the pleasure to share in the wealth of the Orchid
digest.Although they may not all be from northern N.M.

There is a lot of us in Albuquerque etc. Maybe we should all get
together in Santa Fe or something. Have fun everyone and I hope to
see all of you again at The Savory Opera house in Tucson this year.

If your contemplating on whether to go or not,go,it will be well worth
it and you get to meet a lot of the wonderful orchid community…

Daniel B. Wade