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[Norflok] Jewelry Attractions

Going to be traveling to Norfolk VA for a ship decommissioning. May
have a little time to kill, was wondering if there are any interesting
places that a Faceter of colored stones might be interested in.

probably be there PM of 7/27, and AM 7/28.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Bill Ehney

Bill, Sorry, I can’t think of any good rock shops. There is one in
Virginia Beach “Beads & Rocks” that you can e-mail them at for more info. I’d spend my time checking out
the new shops and museums along the Norfolk waterfront. Wendy Newman
Newport News, VA


Travel up the road a bit to Colonial Williamsburg. This is the most
marvelous place to visit as they have a silversmith shop there that
operates as if it was the mid 1700’s. All the work is hand forged
and raised, soldered on a charcoal fire etc. They have a full seven
year apprenticeship program there and the ones who complete it are a
amazing silversmiths. The shop makes items for sale but there is a
waiting list of one to two years for their work. The State Dept.
often commissions them to make gifts for foreign dignitaries.

The blacksmith is also a great shop to visit as well as the gunsmith
James Binnion Metal Arts
4701 San Leandro St #18
Oakland, CA 94601

To all who took the time to send pointers about places to visit in
Norfolk VA, A very sincere thank you.

I am returning to the Navy Town for the decommissioning of the last
submarine I served on in the Navy. I actually got to ride it into the
water when it was launched, so do want to return for all the nostalgia
of seeing it “Put out to Pasture” so to speak.

Its going to be a quick trip, for I have obligations to be in
Franklin NC and Spruce pine NC for the gem shows that same weekend,
and the next. I will carry all the suggestions with me, and if we
have a few minutes to spare, will have something interesting to see.

Thanks again.

Bill Ehney
Facets of Newberry