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Non vented filter for burnout furnace

I’m in a new studio with no outside exhaust. I don’t want to cut
through the wall or roof if I don’t have to, so I’m wondering if
there’s a filter that’s sufficient for my kiln. I do very little
casting, and small amounts at a time. The only materials I will burn
out are wax and solidscape build material.

I know there are some good filters now, and I’m hoping there’s one
that will work for me in my new space.

You can remove most of the wax my steaming it out- this will save
you money as you can recover the wax. I have never used solidscape so
dont know what the hazards are.

Nick Royall

There are several duckless exhaust hoods for kilns on the market.
Try Rio Grande or Rosenthal Jewelry supply.

Vernon Wilson

Rio does carry a ductless fume extractor. Our system also has a
variety of filters available for different applications like casting
and including plating.

Phillip Scott
Technical Support
Rio Grande