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Non destructive method of judging gold


Dear Friends,

I am a retailer based in mumbai, india.

We have almost 500 gms of average gold ornaments for sale from
people around here. The problem is, it becomes very difficult for me
to judge the purity of gold content in the ornaments, since different
alloys of 22k ornaments shows different marks and colour on the
touchstone, which we use for testing gold.

Sometimes we misjudge the quality and result in a huge loss. Kindly
help me some alternative and non destructive method of judging gold.

Eagerly Waiting for some helpful hints from the professional group.

P Rajeev Jewellers


The best way to test gold these days is electronic. I just got this

Gold Testers GT-3000 & GT-4000
Item Number 817-1021 and 817-1030

as one example. There are various models and brands, though.

The best way to test gold these days is electronic. 

With some chains being plated with higher karated gold than the
stamped content, electronic testers can be useless. Please keep this
in mind when using an electronic tester.

James S. Duncan, G.G.
James in SoFL