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Non Destructive Gold Assay



I am keen on knowing about any technology that helps is measuring
gold alloy without actually destructing the jewelry. I mean the NDT
for measuring gold. It should be portable and should have accuracy
for 2 decimals measuring gold content to 99.90 purity.

I really need such device if exists !


Rajeev Sheth
P Rajeev Jewellers


Hi Rajeev,

The only method I know which will do what you want is an X-ray
diffraction technique. The Sheffield Assay Office has a machine for
doing this but it is definitely not portable and looks for all the
world like an office photocopier about 600mm square and 1 metre high.
There may, of course be miniaturised versions available - I don’t
know. The only problem with this type of technique is that it only
measures the surface metal and so can be fooled by plating or surface

Best wishes,
Ian W. Wright