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Non-calibrated stones... calibrated settings

Hi Carol,

I’d tell 'em, “Three choices: recut the stones to calibrated sizes, have
custom settings made, or make custom settings yourself.”

Have a nice day!

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Hi Carol,

To save my customers money I used to buy a wax of something they liked and
then edit the wax for the non-calibrated stone. It was less costly to my
client that way…yet gave it a much more personal touch.

Happy Trading!

:slight_smile: Charles
It’s new, it’s fun, it’s for dealers only

Hi Carol

The settings can sometimes be altered by removing or adding material to
existing prong mountings, bezels etc.

You can also fashion your own prongs or bezels by fabrication (assembling
by soldering), and then soldering those into the mounting after cutting
out the original setting.

If you are thinking of doing this yourself, it takes a little experience,
since many stones and designs require special care. My suggestion is to
find a manufacturing jeweler who can give direct advise on the particular

Tom Tietze, from California where we’ve had more rainy days than the
average Seattle season.

If we’re buying manufactured gold castings for pendants, earrings and
rings to set gemstones in, what do we do about odd size stones?

Alas! It is not cost effective to attempt to marry calibrated settings
with non-calibrated stones. I’m assuming,(perhaps wrongly) that since you
are speaking of manufactured castings, you might be doing some volume?
Non-calibrated stones, as lovely as they can be, must have individual
settings made for them unless the size difference is slight. In some
instances, depending on whether the design of the casting permits, the
calibrated setting can be removed and replaced to accommodate the
un-calibrated stone. Seems like too much work. Best of Luck, Lisa,(caught
a 5’ long gopher snake with my hands yesterday, he was after a baby bird.
Stuffed him down a gopher hole! I’ll have no more trouble from them for a
while!) Topanga,California, USA