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Well, Orchidians, I’m in the last stages of getting a website ready
to go for my jewelry. After selling at art fairs, I’m (finally)
taking the next step and promoting my stuff online and approaching
galleries. What a nerve-wracking place to be right about now.

Orchidians, I’d love your feedback – honest, please! Feedback on
my work, on the proposed site design / brand image, quality of
photography, descriptions / pricing. You name it, and I’m open to
hearing about it.

A couple of notes of importance: Not everything is yet loaded on
the site (more added daily), and certain site features (like form
management for submitting feedback and inquiries about pieces and a
shopping cart) are not yet implemented. They will all be
implemented before I launch the site and start promoting it
(hopefully, by the end of next week). Hopefully, you can overlook
those things for now.

You can send me feedback by email at

You can access the site at:

I really, really appreciate this forum. You have all been so
supportive of the growth of new artists, as well as giving great
advice to folks as they “take the plunge” into new areas of their
craft. Thank you, in advance, for any time you’re willing to spend
giving me some much-needed advice.

Karen Goeller


Dear Karen;

Thank you for sharing and congratulation for a well done website!
What I was missing is a link to Ganoksin… I would like to extend
my request to every Orchidian who have a website. Please spread the
word about our community by putting a link to Ganoksin!

Here is a suggested link description:

  The Ganoksin Project ( - The Ganoksin
  Project - The gem and jewelry world�s foremost information
  resource on the Internet. Open to the public, Free of charge -
  a substantial library of articles, publications, reports, and
  technical data on gem and jewelry related topics; as well as a
  sizable collection of art and jewelry galleries, for both the
  casual visitor and the professional. 

Thank you!