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Noblesse oblige

Hi All;

I was talking to a jeweler I know today, and he told my what he
overheard in the lunchroom of the store he works for.

The employees were talking about someone who won $1000 a week for
life in the lottery. The owner was there and commented, “Well, you
couldn’t live on that!”

This in front of a bunch of employees who most certainly didn’t make
anything near that much money. Wish I’d been there, I probably would
have risked getting fired to put in my 2 cents.

David L. Huffman

The owner of this store should be ashamed. Just because he has “made
it” and probably has a good business going for himself does not mean
he should forget what it is like to struggle the way most every
employee he has does.

Being the ex owner of a jewelry store, I know this first hand. This
guy needs a slap of reality.Wake up because you are no better than
the people you hire.

In closing, I have but one word to shake this owner, and please give
this to your friend “UNION”.


Hi All,

I once worked for medium sized jewellery company that I will not
name. This was in a small town. The company had a store in the town.
The local editor of the paper asked if the jeweller would like to
take out permanent space in the help wanted adds. The store no longer

Some had said the word,“Union” in this company. These companies are
not in the league of General Motors. If a union was to start, the
store would fold the next day. Then start again under a new name in
two weeks. For this reason there are few that are compentant at the
bench, anymore. Unless they own the business. That would be a person
like myself. Since I was in the lower staff position when I started,
I would not make those type of remarks now.

Jim Zimmerman
Alpine Custom Jewellers & Repair