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No more pencil sketching


Dear all on Orchid!

Instead of making rough & random pencil sketching & leaving them
here and there. I’ve done something different with my hands, I get an
old wax form & start carving/sculpturing.

Some of my casino-rubber molds of 2-3 years ago are still in vogue!
now have over 50 pieces now ready to be photographed. I’m going to
put them into a Cad-file & have decent photo’s done of each.

With this, I am now able now transfer the wax-weight into 18kt gold
weight & start my pricing for my sales-team. All of this from some
ideas while sitting at my bench and thinking.

Who had the idea of retiring? What a terrible & unpleasant thought,
never been more busy than now!.:>) Am still doing teaching, on top of
everything. “I just love what I do, and love doing it!” Gerry Lewy