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NJ and NY Jewelry Schools

I have a student in my beginning jewelry class at the local museum
who has expressed interest in becoming a bench jeweler. Can anybody
recommend schools in Northern NJ/ Newark area or in New York that
provide this kind of professional training? Any opinions about the
instruction provided by FIT in NY? (I already teach at the Craft
Students League, so I already know all about that school.) Natasha
Wozniak @Natasha_Wozniak

GIA New York is offereing 1 week basic jewelry repair and setting as
well as wax carving, advanced setting (pave’) and design. The basic
repair and setting is not on the schedule as it has just been added.

You can Contact GIA NY for schedule details. Ask for Dan Campbell
(director of education). 1-800-366-8519 or 212-944-5900

You can email me directly for class criteria details. Arthur
Skuratowicz NJA GJG (GIA) Anton Nash LLC