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Nitric Acid source?.....and more!

     I've been looking for a source of Nitric Acid for MONTHS, no
place near here (chemical supply businesses, etc) has any. I need
just a small amount to etch iron meteorite slices for my
collection and jewelry work. 

Here is a place that can help you with what you want…and a lot
more. As a side note, they have a catalog with a recipe section for
making a rainbow of colored patinas. A great resource. (Things you
won’t find in Metals Technic). Good prices. Nice people. You’ll
probably have to leave a message…it’s a pretty small place and
there are usually only 2 guys there.

Adchemco Scientific Inc (520) 790-8485
3220 S Dodge Blvd Ste 6
Tucson, AZ 85713

Looking for nitric acid… It is hard for me to imagine there
being a practical and economical way of shipping nitric acid. On the
other hand, virtually all electro plating companies use it
regularly. My suggestion is that you get on the phone to said
establishments in your area as listed in the yellow pages. You might
also consider canvassing fellow jewelers. ( I keep a gallon on hand
and rarely use it, although when I need it I find that no other acid
will effectively substitute for it ) Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.