Nikon d3000 for jewelry photography

I have this setup. Paid more than $35, however - duh. It is a pretty
good setup, lights aren’t as bright as I want though.

I added a black acrylic base and a white translucent backdrop
available from That is a good website - lots’o

I already had a light box so all I need now is THE TIME TO TAKE
PICTURES. My darlin’ just bought a DSLR - Canon-something and he said
I could use it.

But my enamels have been calling me all week…

in Snohomish where the frogs are singing loudly tonight

I bought something similar to this over a year ago but from a
different manufacturer. I think it was this one:

Different products but this looks very similar so I thought I’d add
my two cents as it didn’t work for me and I ended up giving it away.

The box itself was OK but the lights were not as they were no where
near bright enough with a yellowish tint. Not much on
this model’s lights but the 2700K is a yellowish white and I’m not
seeing where it says how many watts. I think for a whiter or daylight
like light it would have to be at least 5000K. The tripod was small
and weak and really of no use. You really need a good stable tripod.

Trying not to spend alot on lighting I ended up buying a light box
at Calumet Photo (should have kept the original light box), local to
me in NYC but these can be found anywhere or online, and bought some
reflectors, clip-ons for the bulbs and 32 watt cfls at 5000K
(brighter and cooler). I wasn’t able to set it up easily with the
clip-ons so I ended up buying just the stands at
I got the full size stands which are stable and more compact than
the professional ones I’ve seen at places like B&H Photo so it worked
better for me.

So…I think the lights may not be powerful enough so just make sure
it’s returnable. I ended up with a set of 3 lights and stands that
I’ve been happy with. If I was doing it over again I just would have
bought a set at tabletopstudio but the bulbs elsewhere. I’m not
pushing tabletopstudio but I found it difficult to find stands that
were smaller than the huge professional ones I saw everywhere and
they were extremely helpful to me for product and photography
questions and even looked at my photos I emailed to them and offered
advice on how to improve my lighting setup and photoshopping. I think
their bulbs are expensive, as are their light boxes, so I would look
elsewhere for that but at the least it’s a decent site to look at for
tips and I think the lighting setups there are worth a look. It’s a
bit more effort, but not really that much more, to put together a
simple lighting studio but I think with better results.

Hope this is helpful,

Thanks for the heads up. I ordered one of these after I read your
post. The reviews on the site sounded good so I’m looking forward to
the arrival of the portable studio. I will still need a Nikon, but
one thing at a time, I guess.