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Nikon 990

    . . . The camera shop guy talked me into a macro lens so more
stuff would be in focus. Has anyone used one?? 

Wendy, we have the Nikon 990 also. The macro lens is integral to the
camera; no need to purchase a separate lens.

Visit Steve’s Digicams for an in-depth review of the 990 (posted 3/00
and updated 10/00). He describes the 990’s lens: ". . . razor sharp
Nikkor 3x zoom lens, the closest macro capability of any digicam, . .
. "

Also: "If you enjoy shooting close-ups you can get as close as 0.8
inches away from your subject with the Nikkor lens’ superb macro
capability. "

IMHO, one of the greatest features when doing a bunch of close-ups:
You can have the camera remember where the lens was when you power
down and it returns there on power up. So you can turn off the
camera between shots to save batteries and when you get your next
shot set up and switch the camera power back on, you don’t have to go
through the whole lens set up again.

I have no connection other than having been very happy with our 900
and now being extreeeemly pleased with the 990!

Pam Chott
Song of the Phoenix