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Niello ring Repair

I have a niello ring made in Russia. About 60% of the black
"niello" has fallen/chipped out. I was inquiring how/where might I
go to find someone who can remove the remaining niello and replace
it either with the same or with colored enamel. I was once told
that a high frequency ultrasonic cleaning might cause the remaining
"niello" to fall out. Also, I was asking that when/if I get the
remaining niello removed, where might I go to get it replaced
(re-nielloed) or enameled.

Perhaps you can help?

Hello Joseph;

I have decades of experience working with niello and I can replace
the missing niello with actual niello. I operate my own wholesale
trade shop doing repairs and custom design/manufactur and I’d be glad
to help you with this. I studied under Phillip Fike, who was
possibly the man most responsible for the rediscovery of that
technique in the US, although they never stopped using it in other
parts of the world, just nobody here knew much about it. You can
contact me by e-mail at or call my office at